Connecting Individual Members to Kinwell Primary Care

April 9, 2024

Having a designated primary care provider (PCP) is one of the most important things your clients can do to maximize their benefits and protect their health. That’s why we’re helping direct more members to Kinwell, a new primary care option designed for LifeWise of Washington Health Plan members throughout Washington state.

Read on to learn more about our efforts and why we’re encouraging you to talk about PCPs and Kinwell with your clients.


Kinwell PCP Assignment 

Starting in April, we’re assigning Kinwell PCPs to LifeWise members who didn’t have a primary care provider (PCP) designated in our system and live within Kinwell service areas.


Benefits of a PCP

How do your clients benefit from having a relationship with a designated PCP?

  • It saves them money. On most plans, they’ll get a lower copay when they see a designated PCP.
  • It saves them time. Having a PCP or primary care clinic as a medical “home base,” gives your clients the security and simplicity of knowing exactly who to call—no searching online frantically for an available clinic or urgent care center.
  • PCPs are experts in a broad range of services, especially preventive care, chronic diseases, and overall wellness. PCPs can provide one-stop preventive care through proactive health screenings and lifestyle plans so your clients can enjoy their best lives.
  • PCPs are trusted health partners. They can guide your clients throughout their healthcare journeys, searching for trends in health histories and identifying health risks early on.
  • Having a PCP can result in fewer hospital and ER visits. Studies show that people who see a PCP regularly are less likely to be hospitalized for serious health issues and have fewer trips to the ER during their lifetime.


The Kinwell Advantage

Why is Kinwell a great PCP option for your clients?

  • Kinwell offers primary care as well as behavioral health and virtual care services.
  • Your clients can choose from 16 new, beautifully designed clinics located across Washington state.
  • Kinwell has a statewide virtual care program that offers even more options for your clients to seek care from anywhere.
  • Your clients can access easy online scheduling and the free Kinwell MyChart app.


More Information

We encourage you to talk to your clients about designating a PCP and considering Kinwell for their care. To view a PCP, your clients can sign in to their accounts at

To learn more about Kinwell and to schedule an appointment, your clients can visit and check out 16 Kinwell clinics located in: